5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Mental Health: The Sadhguru Way

Is the pandemic affecting your mental health? Does the monotony of a fast-paced life deteriorate your inner peace and calm? Do you often find yourself feeling depressed or anxious out of the blue? Let’s talk about it!

The discourse around mental health has slowly been gaining traction in recent times. A lot of factors go into making a person healthy and happy – both mentally and physically. Sadhguru, an India yogi and author, delves deeper into the factors that affect a person’s mental health.

What is mental health?

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It determines how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, makes life decisions, and perceive the world. Mental health is essential at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence, through adulthood.

Sadhguru Says…

Sadhguru has always held up a strong stance on how severe the issue of mental health is. He has been vocal about what leads up to the causes of mental illness. 

“If you have witnessed it, you know there is no other suffering like mental illness because the human mind has a lot of capabilities. If these capabilities work in your favour, life becomes fantastic. If they work against you, there is no escape because the stimuli for suffering are not even coming from outside.” says the world-famous yogi and mental health advocate.

Two key factors that go entirely unnoticed in today’s world that causes a rising mental health problem, or most commonly depression –

You are what you eat when it comes to your physical and mental well being. If you are engaged in physical work, you eat one way, whereas if your work is more mentally stimulating, it requires a certain kind of diet. Maintaining a perfect diet that is balanced in all aspects is crucial. A lack of adequate meals or nutrient content pushes your well-being down a spiral. Mastering your food habits provide us with capable human beings who live their life to the fullest.

The word health has its origin in the root word ‘whole’ that means feeling healthy is to feel complete. When an individual is genuinely overcome with a sense of wholeness, he feels vibrant physically, and his mind feels joyful. The ability to feel exuberant emotions comes along with a healthy sense of being.

Here are five quick tips to boost your mental health and keep mental illness at bay-

  • Use your Body

Essentially the human mind is embodied with different amounts of energy for cognitive activities like – intellectual processes and emotional response that differs from person to person.

Generally, the energy allotted for physical action and mental dimension – are two key components being undermined in today’s world.

When encountering young children suffering from depression or other forms of mental disorders, Sadhguru offers a simple yet beneficial solution – engaging in any sport of their choice and music. It’s that simple and efficient! According to Sadhguru, Physical activity helps exert the pent up energy in the body and, hence, lower depressive thoughts. On the other hand, music provides a means to connect to rhythmic vibrations and calm and soothe one’s psyche.

  • Connect with Nature

This derogative addiction to being glued to phones from sunrise to sunset is worrisome. Children need to experience things in real-time, outdoors to feel healthy and happy. The human race is slowly losing connection with all that supports and manages our existence. We’re becoming more secluded and out of the loop with mother nature and essential earthy elements that sustain life on this planet. To shy away from the heart is to shy away from oneself.

Instead of taking your loved ones to Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, take them on a jungle excursion or a small boat to discover the serenity of a natural spot. Ample exposure to nature is significant, especially for young children. Organically, humans’ physical and physiological needs can easily be managed if they’re in touch with natural elements like – earth, water, soil, sunlight, etc.

  • Eat Food that boosts Mental ability and Capabilities

Choosing the right diet makes more sense when keeping your mind and body tipped to the right balance, especially in the current overwhelming times. It can cleanse, nourish, and shape your mind, body, and soul in everyday well-being.

Ash Gourd Juice

Consuming a glass of ash gourd juice every day may heighten the sharpness of your intellect and provide drastic results.  It could also ensure a gradual increase in deep focus abilities, especially in children. Mostly, people go by caffeine as their go-to drink to boost productivity, but little do they realize that it gives you energy with shades of agitation. On the other hand, the ash gourd juice provides you with an enormous and clean amount of energy that doesn’t get on your nerves.


Regular honey consumption can do beautiful things to your mind and body, even at a young age. It can benefit you by providing psychological stability physical well-being and adding the relishing sweetness to your toast and desserts. 

  • Cleanse your colon

We often are unaware of the cleaning process that the human body entails. Be it your motions or fluid body wastes; these are different ways that your body gets rid of harmful toxins. However, a body’s efficiency in cleansing itself of toxic elements depends entirely on your food and lifestyle choices. 

  • Engineer yourself towards well-being

A healthy body and a healthy mind also boost stable and exuberant emotions and an effervescent sense of energy, which is also balanced at the same time. An average human who engages in multiple activities in his life requires all these four things to be in reasonably good shape, which is why the inner engineering of one’s well-being is tethered to the bridge of sound physical health and mental balance. 

While the methods may seem a handful, it won’t be felt once you’re in it. Taking note of all these quick tips to boost your mental well-being and putting them into practice is the first step to achieving a self–actualized version of yourself. What’s your mantra to having good health? Tell us more about it below. 

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