5 things you’re going to miss out on this pandemic Holi

Bhubaneswar:  Colours flying in the air, loud music jazzing up a huge gathering, the stocked-up thandai and cold drink glasses and gorging on the lip-smacking snacks on the table with friends and family. That’s pretty much how we have been celebrating Holi all these years.

This year, the celebration is not going to be the same considering we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since, we are all going to stay indoors and probably  celebrate virtually, here are five things that you are going to miss out on this pandemic Holi:


  1. Splashing gulal on one another:   This year, you are going to majorly miss playing gulal or abhir with your friends and relatives as mass gathering is prohibited due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infection in the country.



  1. Dining with friends, family and extended families: A low-key Holi celebration means you can’t invite a lot of guests home for a brunch or dinner. So, this Holi, you will probably dine with just family or your roomies, in case you are far from home.


  1. Pichkaris and water balloons: As much as we love gulal, pickaris and water balloons simply upped the fun quotient in a Holi party.  This year, you are definitely going to miss water bombing your friends.



  1. Dancing in Holi party: All party-animals out there are sure going to miss the non-stop, crazy dancing to the best Holi-themed music tracks.



  1. Colour stains on skin: Waking up with colour stains on your faces, hands and even scalps, the day after Holi, sharing those funny-looking pictures with cousins and friends and laughing together, is one of the best parts of Holi memories. This year is going to be all about a clean virtual Holi party.




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