6 December 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Auspicious Time, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Rashifal and Horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces for 6 December 2023, Wednesday.

Aries: Your envious behavior has the potential to bring about feelings of sadness and depression. However, it’s essential to recognize that this emotional state is self-inflicted, and there’s no need to dwell on it. Instead, motivate yourself to overcome these negative feelings by sharing in the joy and unhappiness of others. Be cautious about unrealistic planning, as it may lead to a shortage of funds. This is a favorable time for entering into a matrimonial alliance, although you may encounter challenges in making your partner understand your perspective. Despite minor obstacles, this day holds the promise of significant achievements. Keep an eye out for moody colleagues who may be dissatisfied if their desires are not met. Seek guidance from a spiritual leader or an elder. It’s possible that your spouse may not meet your needs today, leading to frustration. To remedy this situation, honor and respect scholars, intellectuals, wise individuals, and those with just principles, as this will contribute to continued growth in your financial condition.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 5 pm to 6 pm.

Taurus: Surrounding yourself with humorous relatives can alleviate tension and provide the much-needed relief you seek. Consider yourself fortunate to have such light-hearted family members. Those grappling with financial crises may find unexpected sources of money today, offering a swift resolution to various life problems. The arrival of a new family member brings moments of celebration and joy for some. Seek personal guidance to enhance your relationships. Expect an improvement in your approach and work quality at the office today. In your leisure time, you’ll tackle tasks you’ve long planned and contemplated but were unable to execute. The day promises to bring the most delightful evening of your life as you share it with your spouse. Remedy: To boost your career, distribute sweet and salty savories made of green gram among children, especially young girls.

Lucky Colour: Pink.

Auspicious Time: 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

Gemini: Your optimistic perspective is bound to leave a positive impression on those around you. Consider going out with your spouse to purchase valuable items aligned with household requirements, although it may tighten your financial situation. Receiving an invitation to your child’s award function will bring immense joy, and witnessing your dreams come true as they live up to expectations will be particularly gratifying. Today, the burdens of work may still linger, overshadowing your thoughts and leaving little time for family and friends. Your personality inclines you to feel overwhelmed by interactions with numerous people, often seeking moments of solitude amidst the chaos. Interestingly, today is poised to be a great day for you, offering ample time for personal reflection. Embrace the opportunities that arise, and relish the joys of married life. Remedy: Enhance your financial prospects by preparing multi-grain rotis/bread and feeding birds.

Lucky Colour: Grey.

Auspicious Time: 11 am to 12.30 pm.

Cancer: Take a break today and seek happiness in the company of close friends and family. Exercise caution if you have business ties with foreign countries, as traders and businessmen in such connections may incur losses. Attend to pending household tasks that demand your time. Brace yourself for potential mood swings from your significant other, and navigate these fluctuations with patience. Despite minor challenges, today holds the promise of significant achievements. Be mindful of colleagues who may become moody if their desires are unmet. After work, indulge in your favorite hobbies to unwind and relax. However, be prepared for a potential issue raised by your spouse, possibly stemming from neighborhood gossip. Remedy: Recite Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak to improve your love life, seeking relief from suffering through this hymn dedicated to Hanuman.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 7 pm to 8 pm.

Leo: Engage in outings, parties, and leisurely excursions to uplift your mood today. A new financial deal is set to be finalized, bringing in fresh funds. Spending the evening with friends not only promises pleasure but also offers an opportunity for holiday planning. Amidst the elements of time, work, money, friends, family, and relatives, you and your partner will find yourselves on the same side today, deeply connected. Instead of merely planning, take action and start implementing your ideas. Seize the opportunity to spend some solitary time outside the house without informing anyone. Although you’ll be alone physically, your mind will be teeming with countless thoughts. Prepare for a series of disagreements that may tempt you to consider ending your relationship; however, resist the urge to give up too easily. Remedy: Embrace discipline in your life, as the sun represents discipline. Living a disciplined life will automatically bring cheer to your family.

Lucky Colour: Black.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 5 pm.

Virgo: Enjoy excellent health today, with your cheerful state of mind acting as the perfect tonic to boost confidence. Explore various new financial schemes presented to you, but carefully weigh the pros and cons before making any commitments. The festive atmosphere at home will alleviate tension, and it’s crucial that you actively participate rather than remaining a silent observer. Draw lessons from past defeats, as proposing today may have adverse effects. Experience a fulfilling day at the workplace, with colleagues appreciating your efforts and your boss expressing satisfaction with your progress. Businessmen can anticipate profitable outcomes today. Spend your free time in a temple, gurudwara, or any religious place to find solace away from unnecessary troubles and disputes. Be prepared for potential tensions in your married life brought by a relative, friend, or neighbor. Remedy: Strengthen the bonds of love by having food together in the kitchen.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 6 pm.

Libra: Your unwavering resilience and courage will significantly amplify your mental strength. Sustain this positive momentum to empower yourself in managing any situation. Today, consider allocating your financial resources to religious activities, likely resulting in enhanced mental peace and stability. Utilize your free time to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, an effort that will undoubtedly be appreciated by your family. Personal matters will remain well-controlled. Collaborate with creative individuals who share similar ideas, and consider spending leisure time with your closest friends. Your life partner will provide comforting support for your vulnerabilities, bringing you a sense of joy.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 1.30 pm to 4 pm.

Remedy: Improve your health by keeping Khirni roots wrapped in a white cloth.

Scorpio: Immerse yourself in a creative pursuit, as your tendency to remain idle may jeopardize your mental peace. Favorable court decisions are likely today, especially in money-related cases, resulting in financial gains. Your charismatic personality will attract new friends, and an unexpected message will bring joyous dreams. It’s an excellent day for negotiations with new clients. Consider taking a spontaneous break from work to spend quality time with your family, potentially making this day one of the highlights of your married life.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 1.15 pm to 2.30 pm.

Remedy: Embrace a healthy lifestyle by wearing Silver in any form.

Sagittarius: Stay calm and tension-free today, even though financial gains may not meet your expectations. Rituals will be conducted at home, fostering a serene atmosphere. Your significant other may choose to express their thoughts rather than listen, which might leave you feeling upset. A crucial project you’ve been dedicated to is experiencing delays. Individuals belonging to your zodiac sign may prefer solitude over socializing today. Utilize your free time to tidy up your living space. Experience the warmth of your life partner’s love today.

Lucky Colour: Silver.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11 am.

Remedy: Chanting the Mercury Gayatri mantra, i.e., ॐ चन्द्रपुत्राय विद्महे रोहिणीप्रियाय धीमहि तन्नो बुधः प्रचोदयात (Om Chandraputraaya Vidmahe Rohinipriyaaya Dheemahi, Dhanno Bhudaha Prachodayaat) in the morning can yield favorable results in your professional life.

Capricorn: Recharge your depleted energy by engaging in sports and outdoor activities. Individuals dealing with loans may face challenges in repayment today. Your friends will prove to be not only helpful but also highly supportive. Seize the opportunity to resolve longstanding disputes today, as delaying it may prove costly in the future. Adopt an honest and straightforward approach, as your determination and skills will be noticed. While it’s essential to use your free time wisely, be cautious not to misuse it today, as it may negatively impact your mood. Your spouse may encourage you to go out when you’re not in the mood, or vice versa, leading to irritation.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 8 pm to 10 pm.

Remedy: Foster an active and positive love life by serving and feeding black cows.

Aquarius: Your robust resilience and courage will significantly boost your mental faculties’ capabilities. Sustain this positive momentum to empower yourself in handling any situation that may arise. While your financial situation is improving, be mindful of the outflow of money, as it may pose challenges in executing your projects. Surprisingly, your friends will offer more support than you might have anticipated. Expressing your feelings might be overwhelming, but it will also bring a sense of relief. If you’re still seeking employment, today requires heightened effort to secure a good job. Hard work is the key to achieving the desired results. Expect to receive compliments today that you’ve always longed to hear. A pleasant dinner and a restful night’s sleep are on the cards for your married life.

Lucky Colour: Orange.

Auspicious Time: 6 pm to 7 pm.

Remedy: Foster a flourishing career by offering water to a sacred peepal tree and lighting a lamp near its roots in the evening.

Pisces: Maintain caution in your emotional expressions today, as your stability may be a bit shaky. Some individuals of this zodiac sign might need to allocate funds towards land-related matters. Surprisingly, your brother will prove to be more supportive of your needs than initially anticipated. Exercise vigilance, as there might be attempts to tarnish your image. Your confidence is on the rise, and progress is evident in various aspects of your life. Consider leaving your office early to spend quality time with your life partner, although be prepared for potential disruptions due to excessive traffic. There may be conflicting desires with your spouse, leading to irritation.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 9.45 am to 10.30 am.

Remedy: Foster good health by offering a coconut in running water.

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