8 Essential Tips to Retain Your Skin’s Glow this Fall

It’s finally the season of falling leaves and tangerine hues, of pumpkin kisses and harvested wishes, it’s time for Autumn! We all welcome fall with great wide arms when these later months of the year come knocking on our doors. Despite the rough year that 2020 has been, we can take a minute to breathe and gasp at the beauty of the changing colors of nature. The pleasant Autumn air refreshes us after those long months of the sickly, sweaty summer air.

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As the weather transitions, we make changes in our lives as well. From switching to woolen scarves to early evening walks we alter our lives in one way or the other. Amid this excitement, we often forget that our skincare routine also needs a transformation to cope with the changing weather. Even though most of us pay too much attention to our skin’s health, it is vital to incorporate some crucial SOPs. Here’s a list of 8 essential tips that will ensure you retain your skin’s glow this fall with absolutely minimal effort!

Moisturize! Moisturize! and Moisturize!

If there’s one thing I cannot stress enough, it is the importance of proper moisture during the changing weather. As the summer humidity takes an exit, we are introduced to the dry weather. Despite how pleasant it feels on our face, it is vital to keep your skin well-moisturized at all times. Switching to a thicker moisturizer will most likely do the trick. In case, you have extremely sensitive skin with a condition like psoriasis, don’t stress because we have amazing recommendations to get you the extra care you deserve. Try using serums, essential oils, and your garden friendly aloe Vera along with a moisturizer to avoid dryness and irritation.

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Care for Hair

while most of us do moisture our bodies almost every day, one aspect that is frequently missed out but is equally important is our hair. Just like our skin, our scalp gets flaky and irritable in dry weather. The long hot baths you enjoy aren’t too kind on your scalp, either. Increased dandruff is one of the common problems that come with the season. If you don’t want to wash your hair with luke-warm or cold water, make sure you oil them with coconut oil regularly. Oiling your hair will help them retain moisture and will also ease the irritation on your scalp.

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Controlled Exfoliation

While exfoliating your skin regularly is a rather healthy practice that helps in clearing your clogged pores, excessive exfoliation during the dry weather can take away the natural oil from your face and leave it dry. Limit your exfoliation regime to once a week, followed by a proper moisturizing session afterward.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen

Just because your bright sunny days are replaced by dimmer skies does not mean the UV rays emitted by the sun are no longer present in the atmosphere. The rays might be less harsh than they were a month ago but using sunscreen is still a necessity. You even add vitamin-C to your skincare routine to fully block-out these UV rays. Not only that, but vitamin C will also reduce any present pigmentation thereby, boosting your collagen production.

Special care areas

During this transition period from summer to winter, some bits of your body might require additional care. The area around your eyes, your lips, and most importantly your feet are some of the areas we often miss out on. use a proper moisturizer and layer it well to avoid the skin around your eyes from getting dry. Your lips might also get dry and flaky, a simple solution will be to use a moisturizer as simple as the Vaseline Petroleum jelly. Additionally, for your feet, there are a range of foot creams to help you prevent your heels from cracking. exfoliating with a porous rock will help you get rid of dry cells. Don’t forget to wear your socks to retain the moisture in your skin.

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Don’t freak out when you break out

Breakouts can be very hard to deal with. A new zit can leave your screaming in horrors BUT remember it’s just a teeny-tiny pimple. Changes in weather such as the humidity and temperature levels can cause irritations to our skin. While the pimple will most likely naturally subside and leave you alone in a couple of days. If you absolutely cannot bear it try opting for clay and seaweed extract to calm your skin, lighten marks, and draw out impurities. It goes without saying BUT do not pop the pimple in case!

Get that beauty sleep

Napping in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a book on your side sounds like the best plan for fall. Well, if you also get a little too comfortable under the warm duvets in this chilly weather, you’ll be delighted to know that sleep will add to your skincare routine. Further, a hormone called cortisol which causes oil production and bacteria on your skin also becomes dormant when you sleep thereby reducing the risks of acne and irritation.

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Stay Hydrated

There aren’t enough words that would accurately emphasize the importance of drinking enough water as part of your skincare regime. Water cleanses, purifies, and flushes out toxins from your skin. If you find it hard to drink as much as you need to, try keeping a bunch of filled water bottles on your work desk or the bedside table. Putting on regular reminders on your phone can also help. Drinking more water will not only help your skin but your body as a whole.

Let this serve as another reminder; Stay hydrated, stay glowing!

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