8 funny Odia stereotypes that are almost true

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 19:

Stereotypes pertaining to a group of people is nothing new. Bengalis, Punjabis and South Indians have been bearing the brunt of many ridiculous and hilarious stereotypes for a long time. We bring to you a list of stereotypes of Odias which are almost true.

  1. Yummy Sundays
Pic: www.indiatravelnotes.com
Pic: www.indiatravelnotes.com

Sundays are all about mutton and/or chicken for lunch. This and the catnap.

  1. Afternoon siesta
Pic: www.hngn.com
Pic: www.hngn.com

Nobody can swear by the magic of afternoon naps better than Odias.

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  1. Alternative Physics
Pic: www.flickr.com
Pic: www.flickr.com

Distance is never in kilometres, especially when running late. The question,.

Question: “Kouthi achu?” (Where are you?)

Answer: “Aau 5 minute!” (Just 5 minutes away).

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  1. Chakuli Pitha


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Odias are in a serious committed relationship with Chakuli Pitha and aloo tarkari (potato curry).

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  1. The Guess-Who Game
Pic: stayonfountain.com
Pic: stayonfountain.com

You have learned never to respond to your old uncle asking, “Chinhi paruchu mate?” (Can you recognise me?). Because once you act squeaky and say “Yes”, you will be counter-asked the most deadly question, “Kahilu mu kie?” (Who am I?) and your life will fall apart like a pack of cards.

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  1. Daali
Pic: authenticoriyafood-oriyarasoi.blogspot.com
Pic: authenticoriyafood-oriyarasoi.blogspot.com

With the exception of Pakhala, we do not understand food without daali.

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  1. No sleep without bolsters
Pic: www.bolster.net
Pic: www.bolster.net

We need a jaka takiya (bolster) for a peaceful sleep.

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  1. How you doin’?


A “Kemiti achu” (How do you do?) greeting is almost always answered with a “Chalichi” (So-so).


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