$8 Twitter Blue service may not affect existing verified accounts

San Francisco: Twitter’s revamped Blue subscription service for $8 will not affect the existing verified accounts as of now, and is applicable to those who seek Blue Badge as well as new users who wish to be verified.

According to a Twitter FAQ for advertisers, the paid verification for $8 a month “will not affect existing verified accounts at this time”, reports The Verge.

The original plan for the new Blue plan was that users who are already verified should also pay or lose their Blue Badges after 90 days.

The FAQ also read that “large brand advertisers who are already verified will now have an additional ‘Official’ label beneath their name upon Twitter Blue’s relaunch this week”.

Twitter had delayed the roll out of its much-anticipated Blue subscription service with verification tag for $8 after the US midterm elections.

New owner Elon Musk initially wanted employees to roll out Blue with verification by November 7 “and threatened to fire them if they didn’t meet this deadline”.

The new Twitter Blue service comes with fewer ads, search priority, an ability to post longer videos, and a blue badge.

Anyone can now get a verified checkmark if they pay for Blue every month, which has sparked serious concerns over how to spot real Twitter accounts from the fake ones.

Musk has confirmed that the new Twitter Blue subscription service for $8 will be available in India in less than a month.

On charging $8 for the Blue subscription service, Musk said: “Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8.”


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