80 yr-old leprosy patient denied last rites in Odisha  

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Sonepur, Apr 8:

An eighty year-old  leprosy patient in Udaipadar village in Sonepur district of Odisha after living an ostracised life for 30 years was refused due respect even in death.


With no one willing to help in his last rites, Mashu Putail (80) was buried in his own house after it was broken down .

Thirty years ago, Putail had  contracted leprosy and become physically disabled. He was boycotted by his caste members due to superstition.

For the last thirty years he was living in a mud hut around one kilometre away from the village. His sole source of income was a disability pension from government . His wife used to bring food for him everyday.

He passed away yesterday, and his caste members refused to even touch his body and prevented his only son Krishna from doing the same.

Lastly, Krishna decided to bury the body of his father in the hut where he lived. The hut was broken and the body lies buried under the mud walls.





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