9 must-have detox drinks to cut down flab post this festive season

Bhubaneswar: If you have had a lot of cheat meals during the Navratri and are now regretting with that bloated belly, we have just the help you need.

Now that the revelry is over, you might be experiencing some bloating, some fatigue and telling off yourself that you should not have eaten that extra sweet or snack and so on. Worry not. We have jotted down  nine detox drinks that will flush your body toxins out and you’ll be back in the business:

  • Ginger honey lemon drink:

    Take half an inch of crushed ginger root in a glass. Squash half a lemon and add a table spoon of honey. Fill the glass with warm water and your detox drink is ready. Along with detoxing, the warm sips will charge you up for the rest of the day.


  • Pomegranate Juice:

    It is also known to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and manage heart health.


  • Cucumber Mint drink:

    An easy recipe with minimal efforts. Just slice some lemon and cucumber, toss them into a jar filled with water and your refreshing detox drink is ready for a ‘throughout the day’ consumption. This drink also shoots your metabolism and boosts energy.


  • Green tea:

    This beverage notches the check-list of almost every fitness enthusiast. Loaded with antioxidant properties, this detox drink not just fires up the fat burning process but also stimulates brain functions, protects against cancer and cardio-vascular diseases.


  • Beetroot and mint drink:

    One glass of unstrained juice prepared by blending one fresh beetroot with some mint leaves, cleanses the liver and also helps reduce weight, on regular consumption. You may add a pinch of salt for taste.



  • Orange and carrot juice:

    One orange, one carrot, one table spoon of honey, some coriander leaves and water go into the blender and a glass of vitamin and fiber-rich drink is ready for you. This detox drink oxidizes the stubborn fat and paired with some regular exercise, helps you shed body weight faster.



  • Butter Milk:

    Had a heavy lunch, struggling with a bloated stomach, spicy butter milk is the ultimate ‘go-to’ for many people and rightfully so. The probiotics present in curd are great for a smooth gut health and strong digestive system.


  • Tomato and cucumber juice:

    This blend along with some mint leaves, gives a tangy touch to the detoxing process. That apart, tomatoes also work wonders for the skin as well as heart and lungs.


  • Apple cinnamon drink:

    This is a rather tasty way to flush toxins out of your system. To prepare the drink, add some sliced apple and cinnamon sticks into a jar of water and drink the infused water throughout the day.

So, put on your apron and make yourself the detox drink that you would want to have.

Happy Detoxing!



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