9 rape cases reported in Odisha a day

Bhubaneswar: While Odisha has witnessed a significant rise in various crimes, the figures of rape incidents seem to be alarming with nine cases reported per day, on an average.

As per the White Paper released by state Home Department, average nine rape cases were reported in the state per day in 2021.

While a total of 2984 rape cases were registered in the state in 2020, the number rose to 3,327 in 2021 out of which 3,244 were genuine. And, chargsheets were filed in 2,335 rape cases by the year end.

A total of 1,55,420 heinous crimes were reported in 2021 out of which 1,49,232 were true. By end of the year, total 1,06,283 chargesheets were filed. The criminal cases include 1,394 murder cases, 2,826 loot, 552 dacoity, 10,983 road accidents and 2,220 riots

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The figures of dowry cases is  also worrying. While  4,088 cases registered in 2020 the number rose to 5,080 in 2021. Chargesheets were filed in 3,707 dowry cases by the end of 2021. Besides, 298 dowry-related death cases and 129 dowry-related suicide cases were registered last year.

For cybercrimes, 2036 cases were registered in 2021, of which, chargesheets have been filed in 307 cases. While total 542 criminals were involved in the crimes, 425 were arrested from within and outside the state.

However, the White Paper maintained that Odisha police has succeeded in enforcing COVID-19 guidelines imposed by the state Government and the Centre, by detaining the violators.

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