A peek into tattoo designs trending among youngsters of Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: The tattoo craze, where aesthetics takes over the pain, is seen by some as a rite of passage into adulthood. Sporting tattoos has been practised across cultures since the Neolithic times and it continues to be a fad among youngsters of Odisha capital.

Odisha Sun Times spoke to a few Bhubaneswar-based tattoo artists to trace the designs that are much in demand among the enthusiasts.

According to tattoo artists, winter and fall are the best seasons to get inked. “Your skin is not exposed to too much of sun and you tend to sweat less, so tattoo heals faster and is away from infections,” said Tone Ace, a tattoo artist at Tattoo of Nirvana.

Picture courtesy: Skivas

The last one year has seen a rise in interest among youngsters for this Indian body art. “There’s a huge crowd wanting to get the favorite part of their life, inked,” Om Acharya, tattoo artist at Skivas, expressed.

When asked about the trending designs, he said, “Water colour tattoo is in demand these days. Other than that geometric designs are also something that people have been opting for, since some time.”

Picture courtesy: Tattoo of Nirvana

Portrait tattoos are also trending with people getting a portrait of their loved ones or of gods and goddesses inked. “It takes a lot of patience and time. People are happy with the results and that what’s matters at the end of the day,” said Phanindra, an artist at Ink Stories.

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According to Tony Ace, people are also getting various phrases and sayings carved into their skin. “I have had a lot of ups and downs and yet I have come out of it all. So I got ‘Still I rise’ inked,” said Pinkie, who got a tattoo at Ink stories.

3D tattoos have been introduced recently.

Picture courtesy: Ink Stories

“A fresh tattoo is just like a fresh wound. It needs a lot of care and attention. Do not expose it to sun, do not use soap or perfumes on it, keep it covered and wash it with antiseptic regularly,” Tony Ace added.

Picture courtesy: Skivas

Om Acharya gave a priceless piece of advice, “Make sure that the tattoo you get done narrate something that is part of you because you’ll be carrying it for your whole life”.

Therefore, getting a tattoo is not only a style statement but also a way to express your belief and the phase you are going through in life.

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