A rare thousand petal lotus blooms in Odisha

Sambalpur: Subrat Kumar Nath has become the talk of the town as a rare lotus has bloomed in his garden here.

In this western Odisha town, a rare thousand petal lotus has blossomed which is a rare phenomenon considering the climate.

As per Subrat, this is the first thousand petal lotus to have bloomed in western Odisha and second in the state. He is a resident of SRIT Colony, here.

Worth mentioning, this rare variety of lotus is bigger in size and more attractive than other flowers of the lotus family.

In local parlance, it is termed as Sahasradal Kamal. As the flower matures, it forms a big ball which emanates a strong fragrance. It lasts for over two weeks.

This flower is revered and offered to Goddess Laxmi for wealth and prosperity.


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