Aadhaar card reunites speech impaired boy with his mother after 6 years

Bengaluru: In a joint operation, authorities in Karnataka and Maharashtra managed to reunite a speech impaired boy with his mother after six years with the help of fingerprints on an Aadhaar card.

The boy, B. Bharath Kumar, had gone missing in 2016 from a market when his mother, Parvathamma, was selling vegetables.

Parvathamma had lodged a complaint of kidnapping with the Yelahanka police station. However, the police were unable to find any clues of the alleged abduction.

Bharath landed in Nagpur in Maharashtra after 10 months, from the day after he went missing. The police on duty at the Nagpur railway station observed him wandering frantically in the premises and inquired about him.

After confirming that the boy was alone, the officers took him to a rehabilitation centre,

Officers at the centre got him to enroll for an Aadhaar card in January, for which he had provided his finger prints.

The request was however rejected as there was already an existing Aadhaar card in Bengaluru in Bharath’s name.

The officers then contacted a regional Aadhaar office of Mumbai and got a confirmation that the Bharath’s fingerprints matched with the card in Bengaluru.

The centre’s officer got it contact with the Karnataka police to track the boy’s mother.

After the police located Parvathamma, she was sent to Nagpur where she reunited with her son.



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