Actors should never retire: Sylvester Stallone

Los Angeles, Aug 12 :

Actor Sylvester Stallone requested ageing stars to drop retirement plans because they owe it to their fans to just keep going.

File pic of Sylvester Stallone
File pic of Sylvester Stallone

The 68-year-old action star has revived his career with “The Expendables” franchise and says he has no time for those who opt to quit acting.

“Age is a state of old mind. It gets to the point when you get old enough you forget how old you are and that’s the best thing. You walk around kind of like in a fog. So you really don’t know how old you are and it’s beautiful,” quoted him as saying.

“ And then you find yourself watching Teletubbies drunk one night! I’m not ready to sit at home and play with Pomeranians (dogs) 12 hours a day. So you keep going.

“Remember, in old vaudeville there was a cane that snatched you off the stage? Well, I’m waiting for that until they just hook me off and that’s it. Actors don’t want to retire. They’re usually forced to retire and that’s sad because you get better as you get older. You may not remember as much dialogue, but you do remember you’re better at it,” he added.


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