Actress Sharvari hopes to dance next to Madhuri Dixit someday

Mumbai: Actress Sharvari has just started taking Kathak lessons and she credits her on-screen icon and ‘twinkle toes’ Madhuri Dixit for inspiring her to learn the dance form.

Sharvari, who made her big screen debut with ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, says, “I’ve always been in awe of Madhuri Dixit ji, she’s been a huge inspiration for me always wanting to learn kathak. Unfortunately, I started just recently after so many years of wanting to learn kathak. ”

She added: ‘But every time I would see Ma’am’s songs or even snippets on Instagram or dance shows, I would google kathak teachers to start learning. She’s been my idol and I hope I get to dance next to her someday! It would be an honour.”

Madhuri and Sharvari hail from Maharashtra, and Sharvari has always been a fan of the superstar who ruled the silver screen in the late 1980s and all of 1990s.

Sharvari says, “I think as an actor you keep playing so many different roles that at the end of the day you don’t know whats going to come to help. But, of course, learning a different dance form will never go out of hand. It will bring grace; it brings rhythm in your body.”

She adds, “For me, Kathak actually stems from my love for Madhuri Dixit. Somewhere I want to learn it because I’ve seen her perform so well! So, it is something I am just trying to do because I love her so much and from that I am trying to pick it up and learn it on my own.”

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