‘Adipurush’ makers to rewrite dialogues out of respect for audiences’ sentiment

Mumbai: After receiving severe criticism over the dialogues, makers of the recently released film ‘Adipurush’ announced that they will be rewriting the lines as a mark of respect to the audience.

A statement read: “Making this visual spectacle a memorable cinematic experience, the team decides to make alterations to the film’s dialogues, valuing the input of the public and the audience.”

“The makers are revisiting the said dialogues, ensuring they resonate with the core essence of the film and the same will reflect in the theatres in the next few days. This decision is a testament that in spite of unstoppable collections at the Box Office, the team is committed and nothing is beyond the sentiments of their audiences and harmony at large.”

A day after the release, the film starring Kriti Sanon and Prabha stirred controversy over its dialogues specifically regarding the Lanka Dahan scene where Lord Hanuman is heard mouthing the lines “jalegi bhi tere baap ki” to Meghnad.

The controversy is in the Lanka Dahan scene, when Ravana’s son lights up lord Hanuman’s Tail and says: “Jali na.. Abhi to aur jalegi. Jiski jalti hai wahi janta hai.”

To which the character of Hanuman replies: ‘Kapda tere baap ka. Tel tere baap ka. Aag bhi tere baap ki. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki.”


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