Aditi Rao Hydari: An actor’s rejection is so personal

New Delhi:  Actress Aditi Rao Hydari admits she is sensitive. Being thick-skinned is hard for her, despite being in an industry where criticism is part and parcel of a celebrity’s life.

“People revel in comparing, pulling people down and criticizing. I am very sensitive. So, the thick-skinned thing is hard for me. I feel everything. I will laugh as loudly as I cry and I am okay with that. The whole sensitive side as an actor — I am like that as a person. So, I can have hard days and it is tough, but I feel I always try looking at the silver lining,” said Aditi, who was recently seen in the digitally-released film “The Girl On The Train”.

She added: “An actor’s rejection is so personal. They are rejecting you. It is always you. It is so personal. It can be very difficult and it can be very heart-breaking.”

Aditi, who will soon be seen in the anthology “Ajeeb Dastaans” and the Tamil rom-com “Hey Sinamika”, does not give importance to her bad days.

“I am the kind of person who will always look for the sunshine whatever dark spot you put me in so if I am having my bad days I will count my blessings. If somebody walks through the door I’ll find five good things about them rather than two things I don’t like about them,” she said.

The actress revealed the key to staying positive.

“That keeps me happy and upbeat and it helps me to look forward to happy things rather than concentrate on happy stuff because the crappy stuff is there we can’t do away with it. But isn’t it nicer to look at happy things? Otherwise, it is endless,” she added.


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