‘Aesthetic medicine is the marriage between art & science’: Dr. Sampada Sethia

When you consider undergoing an aesthetic treatment, there can be some confusion about the different types of medical professionals, their areas of speciality, and exactly what services they provide. Considering that, Swasthya Sambad had an exclusive conversation with one of the best Aesthetic Physician in the state Dr. Sampada Sethia. Excerpts of the interview:

Please educate us by explaining, what exactly is the work of an Aesthetic Physician and what really made you passionate about this niche career option?

Aesthetic medicine is the branch of medical science, which is the perfect marriage between art and science. I was someone very artistic as a child. I always wanted to aspire for beauty & beauty was something very ingrained with me. Anesthetic medicine was the perfect field in which I could pursue my passion for beauty and also put my knowledge of medical education. It is the perfect idea of helping people feel their best in their own skin, feel confident about it and feel better about themselves.

From your perspective, how important or necessary is it for an individual to look good, to look beautiful?

Beauty comes from a part of you which is hidden within. There is a natural desire for every human being to look good, to feel good. Whenever you see as youself walk by a glass reflection, you want to take a glance and look at yourself and see and check your hair. So this instinct is very natural for us to want to look good and beautiful & that’s why aesthetic medicine is all about helping you feel your best version and look good at every stage of your life and every age of your life.

Another perspective, how do you relate age with beauty?

Beauty, according to aging, also changes. It’s always changing. And what a person is at 20 years old is very different than the anatomy and physiology of the 30 year old. Hence, beauty changes at every age. But the idea is to accept how you’re aging and to be equipped with the right knowledge for someone in their 20s, they’re losing only collagen. Someone in their 30s, they’re losing only fat. Someone in their 40s, they might also be losing some bone. So every age has a different architecture, different anatomy of it. And for you to be educated, to be able to understand what is it that you require, makes you very powerful to know what could help to make you feel good and look good at your specific age.

UBEAU, quite an unusual name! Could you decode it for us?

The idea of UBEAU came from the entire concept of alchemy, which is transmuting any substance into gold. I believe everyone inside is already gold. You’re all beautiful. You’re all gold inside. AU is aurum in Latin that you use in the periodic table, it comes as gold. So the idea was to actually tell people that you are gold, so you be gold. By that gold we also mean ‘gold standard’. So whatever we use in my facility, in my practice, we only use the highest standards of safety, of the highest standards of the beauty procedures that we do. So the goal is standard and also that you are a goal. That is the idea behind UBEAU.

What treatments do you have to offer at UBEAU?

We provide all kinds of noninvasive or minimally invasive nonsurgical beauty treatments which is ranging from your pigmentation, your acne, to helping you look the best version of yourself. Also, the architecture of your bone. So we do anti-aging treatments as well. That means that when you are losing fat, we are here to restore your lost fat, we’re here to restore your lost volume and also your bone structure. What we do at UBEAU is we are here to help you really understand my ideas, to really educate people that what is it that you require a certain age of your life to help maintain that good skin, good health, good skin health rather. And then we do different procedures from lasers to all kinds of chemical peels to all kinds of newer advancements in the technological ways of doing collagen induction therapy. So that is something very new that people are not aware. We help you to be able to also balance your nutritional facilities, whatever deficiency you have. We do have something called the vitamin infusions in which we do a complete assay of what that is your body requires and according to it, we try to supplement. Also we do something very unique here that is semi-permanent makeup. Along with this, we have a lot more treatments to offer here at UBEAU.

What I also want to understand is, are there any side effects or long term effects of these treatments and any myths that you want to bust?

Yes. The biggest myth that I hear from a lot of people is it’s not safe. Well, you should be scared. It is not safe when done at a wrong practice, when done at something that you’re not aware of. So it is your right. That is my advice to everyone. You have to know what is it that you are getting treatment for, what is the brand, what is the technology! And you should be asking your medical practitioner or anywhere that you’re getting it done. Please ask them to provide you with the authenticity certificate. Please go and research about what is it that they are promising it to be. And in today’s generation, I would definitely think that you cannot say I did not know, you did not want to know. And if you are not taking responsibility of your knowledge, that is something you cannot really blame. You can just go to the Google, you can find whatever treatment that they are providing, they are claiming to be providing. You can just type about it, read about it, and you could get a lot of data about it. The best part about my practice at UBEAU, Advanced Aesthetics, we have got some of the world’s biggest classes for the very first time in Odisha. So yes, it is extremely safe because it is heavily researched, it’s medically proven, and you should be looking at the FDA approval. So whatever we provide here at UBEAU is all FDA approved treatments. You could read about it. It’s extremely, extremely safe because it is being medically researched and backed up and there is no hidden anything.

What do you think about the people who believe in natural beauty, who accept the way they are?

We are all here to tell you that you should be accepting natural beauty. It is all about how you feel about yourself and you should be feeling great about yourself. I think aesthetic medicine and other myths that I would like to break is a lot of people think its vanity. Well, it’s not vanity if you are willing to take care of yourself. Why would you want to have great food? Why would you want to go to the gym and work out? It’s because you really take care of yourself. You really want to take care of the best way that is possible so that you maintain the functionality of your body; you maintain that nice health within you. So why would you ignore when it comes to skin health? I think it should be looking at aesthetic medicine as something which is a necessity. It is an expression of you, and it’s taking care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you feel good, you look good. You are more confident in the world. You do everything in a better way, because then you are more pumped about how you look and how you feel.

What is the scenario in metros? Because the treatments that you have to offer are premium level, and premium comes with a price. We can’t deny the fact that it is a tad bit expensive. Do you think Bhubaneshwar is ready for it?

I think everyone at least deserves the access to the best of beauty. And my idea was my people. When I see a lot of my friends, even me, I know we were always traveling to get some treatment done because we did not have the technology available in India, in Odisha mostly; there were some technologies which was something that people were not very aware of. We thought that maybe we could go to Delhi and get it done. Maybe we could go to Mumbai and get it done, and then it would become more expensive because imagine taking a flight, going to Mumbai, getting a treatment done, and then coming back. So the entire idea for me was to make the best treatments in the world accessible to people in Odisha or Eastern India. That is why we got all these big brands. And these are the same brands which Kim Kardashian uses, the same brand with Jennifer Lawrence uses, Tom Cruise uses, even Deepika Padukone uses. So they’re big brands, medically researched, highly backed up, extremely safe and result driven. So the idea was to make it accessible, but also to make it a little more comfortable for people. So whatever brands that we have got beat Morpheus, Formal, Lumecca, hydrofacial, for that matter, when you go outside India, it’s priced in lakhs. When you go to Mumbai, when you go to Delhi, it’s actually priced a number of thousands. The prices that we have at UBEAU is priced very reasonably in comparison to what it is in Mumbai and Delhi. So it’s very affordable. And the prices start somewhere from 2000, and it goes on up and onwards.

We are seeing a lot of craze about eyebrows lately. What do you have to say about it?

We do something called semi permanent makeup, in which we actually anatomically decide what would be your ideal brow structure, what would be your ideal brow shape, and then we design your brows. We do have a very interesting surprise for the people of Odisha, for all the beautiful ladies out there, and even guys, a lot of people out there. We have recently collaborated with the Queen of brows, Suman, the same lady who has done brows for the pickup for Aditi Rao, for Kriti Sanon, even for Gauri Khan. I mean, that’s quite amazing how great she is at her craft. We are launching her association with UBEAU shortly in the month of October. So we’ll keep you posted about it.

Lastly, any message for our viewers/readers?

Odisha, get ready to glow! We’re finally here in your city. We are finally here with a lot of new medical advancements for you to try. And it is something extremely safe, extremely, extremely result oriented. And this actually would be helping you to look your best, to feel your best, so that you become a more confident person. And it’s an expression of self-care, it is not a luxury, it’s a necessity that you feel good, you look good. And what we help you are to be there at your journey. So when you come to the practice of UBEAU, you will always realize that you are going to learn so much more about yourself and we are going to be there in your skincare journey, in your aesthetic goals, and we’re going to help you in the best possible shape, best possible way to achieve this. So come and join us. We are here celebrating beauty, celebrating you.

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