Agnipath Violence: Six trains passing through Odisha cancelled

Bhubaneswar: As many as six trains scheduled to pass through Odisha have been cancelled for specific dates in view of the protests across the country over the Agnipath scheme.

The following six trains have been cancelled:

01. 12253 Yesvantpur-Bhagalpur Express from Yesvantpur on 18.06.2022.

02. 08439 Puri-Patna Express from Puri on 18.06.2022.

03. 08440 Patna-Puri Express from Patna on 19.06.2022.

04. 20823 Puri-Ajmer Express from Puri on 20.06.2022.

05. 20824 Ajmer-Puri Express from Ajmer on 23.06.2022.

06. 22643 Ernakulam-Patna Express from Ernakulam on 20.06.2022.

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