AI will create more jobs than it destroys: IBM India

New Delhi: As generative artificial intelligence (AI) begins to threaten certain jobs, Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India/South Asia, has said that AI will actually create more job options that it destroys.

Speaking to IANS, Patel said that he has seen technology and multiple innovations evolve over a period of time.

“I firmly believe AI will create more jobs than it destroys. People are usually very scared when imagining entirely new jobs. For example, take the Internet, when the Internet came right, and you had web publishing and all things that were web-enabled, it led to job decline in certain sectors like newspaper printing,” he explained.

However, it also resulted in entirely new job categories like web design, data science, digital marketing and web publishing, which employ millions of people, he added.

“So, one of the things which we have been very articulate about and keep harping on is that re-skilling will play a very important role,” Patel stressed.

While 46 per cent of the companies in India are currently training or reskilling employees to work together with automation and AI tools, it leaves room for a lot more to be done.

“This is something that the government clearly recognises,” he said.

When we look at employees within the organisation, 50 per cent say they are excited to work with new AI and automation tools.


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