AIKYAM – Incubators Meet unveiled at O-Hub

Bhubaneswar:  Startup Odisha, an initiative of the Ministry of Micro, small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Department, Government of Odisha, on Wednesday, organised AIKYAM– Incubators Meet which bought all the incubators on one platform for a brainstorming session.

The event was chaired by Dr.Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman of Startup Odisha.  MD Sadique Alam, IAS, CEO of Startup Odisha and Dr Sanjukta Badhai, Evangelist, Startup Odisha also participated in the meeting.

The dignitaries shared insights about the upcoming startup policy, Startup Yatra 2.0 and the roadmap for each of the incubators. The interactive session focused on the incubators taking their insights, inputs, and feedback on what measures should be taken by Startup Odisha and how the incubators could be empowered and strengthen to ensure that they are able to nurture startups across Odisha.

In the meeting, preparation of Startup Yatra 2.0 was also discussed. Based on previous experiences, the role of incubators in the entire Startup Yatra 2.0 was deliberated and decided.

As many as 19 incubators attended the event. Among them were Krishi Kalinga Innovation Council, DBT ILS,  Switchtech Incubator Foundation, ACIC- GIET University Foundation, NRRI-ABI, INTEC, AIC- CV Raman College Of Engineering Foundation, SARP, AIC-Nalanda Institute Of Technology Foundation, IMI Incubation Foundation, IHUBINC, CTTC,  Srusti Academy Development Foundation, SSU Innovation, IHM, Gram Tarang Employability Training Services, IIT Bhubaneswar, Electropreneur Park and KIIT TBI.

With the aim to become India’s best startup hub by 2050, Startup Odisha has been taking a holistic approach to nurture the startup ecosystem in every possible way of incubation, funding/incentivizing, mentoring, marketing, and outreach. The purpose of this meet was to sensitize the enablers to work in sync with the state’s vision of becoming the best startup hub across the nation.


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