Alert issued as 2.9 L cusec water released in Yamuna river

New Delhi: The capital can again face a flood-like situation as 2.9 lakh cusec water has been released from Hathini Kund barrage.

According to sources, the authorities concerned have issued an alert for the people living in nearby areas of the river.

The current water level in the Yamuna river is 205.20, while the danger mark is 205.33. Considering the gravity of the situation, the authorities have sent an alert message to the people.

During the rain, the Yamuna river broke a 45-year-old record and reached its highest level at 208.65 meters. Last Friday, it was flowing at 208.35 meters. As a result of the flood in Delhi, several low-lying areas were submerged, and many roads were flooded.

Now the situation is improving, and traffic is back on roads near the river. The water has receded in waterlogged areas.

But with the fresh alert, the people and the concerned authorities have been asked to be alert.


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