All-time record by Paradip port in ship handling

Paradip: Odisha’s Paradip port created an all-time record by handling 27 cargo ships in 24 hours against its previous year record on Sunday.

The port handled total 27 ships from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm on Sunday with 12 of them in first phase.

Sources said that one ship sailed out at 6.00 am on Saturday and another ship successfully entered into the port at 6.00 am on Sunday.

While 12 ships were handled in first phase, 11 in second and four ships in third phase creating a new record and breaking its previous record in history.

Earlier, Paradip port had registered ship handling record with 24 vessels in 24 hours in December last year. While 12 ships anchored at the port, 10 sailed out and two were redirected from the port.

The port authorities attributed the achievement to hard work and dedication of the employees.

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