Amazon head of Prime Video, Twitch and gaming retires again

San Francisco: Jeff Blackburn, head of Amazon’s media and entertainment businesses, is retiring from the company for a second time, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has announced.

Blackburn joined Amazon in 1998 after helping guide the company through its IPO at Deutsche Bank.

“He’s done a lot of building over two-plus decades, including helping build our 3P marketplace, Advertising, Amazon Studios/Prime Video, and Music businesses, as well as leading our A9/Search and CorpDev & BusDev orgs,” Jassy said in a message to Amazon employees.

Blackburn returned to Amazon in May of last year to lead its media and entertainment businesses (Prime Video and Amazon Studios, Music, Podcasts/Wondery, Audible, Games and Twitch).

With Blackburn’s departure, there will be some shifts in Amazon’s leadership.

Mike Hopkins, who leads Prime Video, Amazon Studios, and MGM, will continue to lead these teams and report to Jassy directly.

Steve Boom, who has been leading our Music and Podcasting teams, will also now oversee Audible, Twitch, and Games businesses a” and report to Jassy.

“This transition will happen effective January 1, though Blackburn will remain at Amazon through early 2023 to help ensure a smooth transition,” said the Amazon CEO.

Blackburn said that he is planning on retiring from Amazon in January, after more than 25 years and working closely with the company since its 1997 IPO.

“I’ve decided to spend 2023 differently, giving more time to family, and feel strongly this is the right decision for me,” he said.


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