Amazon To Spend $500 Million As Holiday Bonuses To Employee Inc. will pay a one-time bonus of up to $300 as extra compensation to their employees who will pack and deliver its goods on time. Recently the company faced a lot of criticism from employees for pushing back the payment due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the reports, the company would give full-time operations workers of $300 and part-timers $150. But this will be only paid if the e-commerce bulk employs them for the entire month of December.

In a corporate blog post, Dave Clare, the logistic chief, informed that Amazon’s cost would amount to about $500 million.  He said, “Our teams are doing amazing work serving customers’ essential needs, while also helping to bring some much needed holiday cheer for socially-distanced families around the world. I’ve never been more grateful for or proud of our teams.”

Like many of its rivals in the retail business, who had offered peril pay as an incentive for their workers so that they can still work in this pandemic, Amazon discontinued its bonuses after an economic outbreak inflated the levels of job seekers. By the end of May, the company completed its $2-an-hour bump for hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers, and in June, it paid one-time bonuses of as much as $500.

The company recently faced a lot of criticism from some of their employees due to tiring to attract new hires with a $3,000 bonus to ensure sufficient staffing to cover the holiday rush and offer vouchers towards Thanksgiving turkeys to the existing working employees.

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