Amid COVID-19 outbreak, Odisha villagers use Sal leaf mask as protection

Kandhamal: As there is huge shortage of masks everywhere to prevent spread of COVID-19, the pandemic situation is pushing people around the world to start making their own.

Amidst the grave phase of entire world arising out of deadly COVID-19, the locals in far-flung locations in tribal-infested Kandhamal district of Odisha are using creative method to prepare masks from plant leaves to save their families from infections.

The villagers of Mundigarh under Tumudibandh block in the district are using handmade masks as part of precautionary measure as well as spreading awareness among others about the deadly virus.

Source said that the residents of the village are wearing the masks made of Sal leaves collected from the forest to prevent themselves from attack of coronavirus.

Besides, the locals have put up posters in the village appealing everyone to abide lockdown rules. They are also prohibiting people from entering into and moving outside the village during lockdown.

Not only, the conscious villagers are following the precautions, but also making others aware of sanitisation to prevent coronavirus infections by placing a bucket, mug and soap on outskirts of the village.

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