Amit Sadh: Favouritism exists in every profession

Mumbai:  Actor Amit Sadh agrees there is favouritism in the film industry, but he points out that the trait exists in all professions.

“Favouritism exists in the whole world, in every profession, but there are also people who value me and my talent, and who believe in me, stand by me,” he told IANS.

The actor says he has been lucky in his career. “I have been very fortunate, and I am always very positive. We have to understand that in any industry, everyone doesn’t need to work with everyone. However, we must cater to the ultimate goal as actors,” he says.

Amit, who is part of the web series “7 Kadam”, says the ultimate goal of an actor is to make good content.

“We are here to entertain the audience and also have a responsibility to make responsible cinema, as cinema is a huge influence in our country,” he says.


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