An unusual yet fascinating museum in Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: Collection of vintage articles from across the globe at ‘Singhi’ museum in Odisha capital is a sight to behold.  

What started as a library full of rare and expensive books by eminent authors of the world, is now a museum at Kalpana square, full of artefacts depicting the changes the world went through.

Pratap Singh Singhi has been collecting postal stamps and coins as a hobby since he was 16. “I have been collecting them since last 40 years, often from exhibitions and by travelling to other countries,” he added.

The museum was opened to the public in 2016 with fewer books and coins from his collection and has now been renovated with around 10,000 books and Singhi’s amassments. Collection of matchboxes since India got independence and from other countries are also on display.

“On the ground floor, there’s a library of religious books only. I started with books on Jainism but eventually, added sacred books of Islam, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhism,” he added.

The museum is open for public Pratap Singh said. “I especially hope students come here and take advantage of all the knowledge presented to them,” he added.

Also on display are postcards, inland letters, chocolate coupon, 125-year-old photographs of India taken by Americans, rare pictures of second world war focusing on Adolf Hitler, bell metal idols and statues used decades ago, compasses, minerals of India, khadi notes, fancy notes, coins and currencies thousands of years old, pictures of the kings who ruled Odisha and many such rare artefacts.

The ceiling is decorated with paintings on Jain history and Jain Ramayana. Parts of this museum also has rare pictures of freedom fighters of India.

The museum, Pratap Singh said, is an effort to educate youngsters and also give public an insight into world history.

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