Anne’s offensive gestures irk ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers

Hyderabad: The weekend episodes of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ usually witness some fun games and host Nagarjuna is seen interacting with the housemates. There are times when the host schools the inmates for their behaviour, tasks, and overall performances of the week.

Saturday’s episode had the host show the recent happenings from the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house. A task was conducted by one of the sponsors in which the inmates were divided into two groups to perform the task. As captain, actor Shanmukh was the judge, who decided that Anne’s group were the winners.

VJ Sunny, who was jailed for his worst performance was stating his opinion on the judgment related to the task. Anne, who was annoyed with this, started to make some rude gestures, which annoyed the viewers of the reality show. It was clear that Sunny was not talking to her, but she was so triggered, which meant she was tripping over.

“Despite being one of the strongest women in the house, she loses my respect every time she makes such gestures. So annoying to see her doing such intimidating things,” one of her fans wrote.

On the other hand, Sunny’s fans had opposed her for being so negative all through the week. “Hope she gets out of the show soon. She keeps doing this to one or the other contestant. Vishwa, Siri, and now Sunny. Her gestures are disgusting,” one of the viewers wrote on Twitter.

While the show is progressing well with good TRP ratings, the viewers have been noticing the smallest of the things done by the inmates during the tasks. While Sree Rama Chandra provokes, Sunny and Manas are losing their temper. Shanmukh is the only person who is managing to stay cool all the while, even when being spoken to angrily.


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