Another murder allegation surfaces against Govind Sahu

Balangir: Another murder allegation surfaced against Govind Sahu, the prime accused in Mamita Meher murder case, in Balangir district.

The President of Mahaling Science College and Sunshine Public School, Govind Sahu, was also allegedly behind murder of a minor girl in 2000.

Motilal Nayak, former headmaster of Mahaling High School and a resident of Balangir district, alleged that he has lost his daughter 20 years ago for opposing illegal activities of Govind Sahu, who had started his career as a contractor in the area. His minor daughter was run over by a vehicle driven by Govind Sahu’s kin on August 8, 2000.

“Govind Sahu killed my daughter, who was studying in Class-8, with help of his brother. My little daughter was ran over by a tractor. I had filed a complaint with the Kegaon Police in this regard, but no further action was taken against the accused and his brother,” Motilal told media today.

According to reports, Govind Sahu was allegedly blackmailing the JEs and other officials in the area. Motilal Nayak, who was a teacher at that time, was opposing his illegal activities. He became the target of Govind Sahu after his brother was elected as the Samiti Member in 1997 Panchayat Elections defeating a candidate supported by the latter.

Reacting to it, Govind had allegedly set a ballot box kept in the strongroom on fire. To take vendetta for the loss in the elections, he plotted a conspiracy to kill Motilal’s daughter.

“The villagers had gheraoed the police station as mark of protest against the incident. But, nothing happened. The accused was booked under section 294 of IPC and later walked free as he was granted bail,” the deceased girl’s father said.

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