Apple releases iCloud for Windows 13

San Francisco: Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has released iCloud for Windows 13 with some notable updates.

The latest update brings support for ProRes video as well as ProRAW photos. It also now supports strong password generation with the iCloud Passwords app, reports MacRumors.

Now, all participants of an iCloud Drive shared file or folder are now also able to add or remove people.

Users can download or update to iCloud for Windows 13 on the Microsoft Store or through the Apple Support website now.

To recall, Apple released the new iCloud Keychain password manager app back in August, allowing Windows users to access their iCloud Keychain passwords.

iCloud for Windows allows Apple users to sync a number of things from iCloud to their Windows laptop or desktop, including iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Passwords and more.

Apple is also launching a new digital legacy programme where its users can choose up to five people who can access the iCloud data after their demise.

The Digital Legacy programme is arriving in the latest iOS 15.2 update where you can designate up to five people as ‘Legacy Contacts’ on devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs.

These people, after providing proof of death and an access key, can access the data like photos, videos, documents and even purchases of the deceased.


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