Apple to let employees talk about harassment, discrimination freely

San Francisco: Apple has announced to let employees speak freely about their workplace conditions, including harassment and discrimination.

The iPhone maker said that it offers a range of resources for employees to address questions and report concerns.

In a note titled, ‘Our Commitment to an Open and Collaborative Workplace’, Apple said that people who have experienced harassment and discrimination have the right to bring their claim in court.

“Claims that are not related to harassment or discrimination, such as claims related to payment of wages or overtime, may still be subject to mandatory arbitration,” said the company.

Nia Impact Capital posted on Twitter that Apple has released their report and is ending use of concealment clauses in employee contracts, “both domestically and for international workers”.

“Contract employees too! This is a ground-breaking shift for the tech industry,” said the women-first investing firm.

Apple that that their commitment to a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment is backed by “a comprehensive policy that forbids harassment and discrimination”.

“We believe open and honest communication among team members, managers, and leaders helps create a collaborative culture where everyone can contribute, grow, and succeed,” said the company.

Apple’s use of concealment clauses invited close scrutiny after former company engineer Cher Scarlett accused it of engaging “in coercive and suppressive activity that has enabled abuse and harassment of organisers of protected concerted activity.”



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