April Fool Day 2023 Hilarious Messages, Wishes to send to your Friends

April Fool’s Day is an annual celebration that occurs on April 1st, where people around the world play pranks and practical jokes on each other. It is not an official holiday, but it is widely recognized and celebrated in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

While April Fool’s Day is meant to be a fun and playful holiday, it is important to remember that some pranks can be hurtful or dangerous. It is always a good idea to make sure that the prank is harmless and that everyone involved is comfortable with it before pulling any pranks.

Overall, April Fool’s Day is a time to let loose and have some fun. Whether you are the prankster or the victim, it is a day to laugh and enjoy the company of those around you.

Here are some April Fool’s Day messages, wishes, greetings, and WhatsApp statuses that you can use to share some laughs and good humor with your friends and family:

If anyone thinks that you are smart then just smile at him and wish him a Happy April Fool’s Day and he would know it all.

The best trick for a person like you is to stay mum and let others think if you are a fool than to break the silence and making it evident. Happy April Fool’s Day.

Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you my dear. There is no way we can change the fact, you are a fool and you will remain one.

Officially we all are nothing less than fools on just one day of the year and therefore, we must celebrate it to the fullest. Happy April Fool’s Day to you

Let us make it the happiest April Fool’s Day by playing the best of the pranks and cracking the most hilarious jokes. Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

Good made daylight which is called sun and brightness at night which is called moon and then he made a fool and that is you….. Happy Fool’s Day dear!

A fool is always a fool and therefore, the date doesn’t matter….. But still I want to wish you on April 1st a very Happy Fool’s Day!

I might have not wished you on Holi or Diwali, Christmas or New Year but I want to wish you on the most special day of the year for you….. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

You always surprise me with your humour, talent, personality and now I just impressed you with my skills to surprise you with my lies….. Happy April Fool’s Day.

It is impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue. And if you just tried doing so then you are a fool for sure. Wishing you a very Happy April Fool’s Day.

Thanks to you because you are the only one who has made me realize so many times that I am more intelligent than someone on this planet. Wishing a Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

Scientists have finally been able to spot the difference between a man and a monkey….. Man sends messages and monkey reads messages….. Have a wonderfool Fool’s Day.

If people call you crazy then don’t believe them….. If people call you stupid then believe them because they are saying it all right….. A Happy Fool’s Day to you.

There is a virus who just entered your brains but he died because he failed to find any brains inside your head…. Happy April Fool’s Day dear.

I am very kind when it comes to picking friends because I don’t simply make friends because they are humans, I make friends with monkeys, just like you my dear.

Never ever trust anyone who calls you smart and intelligent, impressive and radiant as they all are trying to fool you because its April Fool’s Day.

I never ever make any attempt to make a fool out of you, not because you are smart and I can fail but because it is not justified to make a fool out of a fool.

May you are always surrounded with lots of girls and they all see a brother in you….. Happy Fool’s Day!

I love you because you are so different….. I haven’t seen as big a fool as you and I am proud to have you as my friend…. Happy April Fool’s Day dear.

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