Archita-Sabyasachi: Real Life Romance?

Sabyasachi Mishra and Archita Sahu have entertained the Odia audience with their cracking chemistry in many of their movies. However, rumour has it that this chemistry is not just limited to the silver screen and goes beyond it as well. The Archita-Sabyasachi ‘jodi’ has raised many eyebrows about their relationship status in the recent time.


Speculations are rife in Ollywood with the couple doing films exclusively with each other for the last couple of years. No doubt they are a major hit pair, apart from Barsha-Anubhav, but it is evident from studying Archita’s filmography that majority of her films have been with Sabyasachi.

‘Pilata Bigidigala’, ‘Smile Please’, ‘Mun Eka Tumara’, ‘Mun Sapanara Saudagara’, ‘Paagala Karichi Paaunji Toro’, Kau Duniya Ru Aasila Bandhu’, ‘Toro Moro Jodi Sundara’ and ‘Kebe Tume Naahan, Kebe Mun Naahin’ are the movies where the pair has reaped applause from movie-goers for their romantic scenes.

The duo is painting the town red with public appearances everywhere. Notably, they have been going to promotions, events and parties together, including a much-hyped trip to Mumbai after the shoot of ‘Pilata Bigidigala’. They have hardly been spotted in anybody else’s company, except for each other’s.

An unnamed source confided that Sabyasachi has a special appetite when it comes to food. Home-made meals in tiffin boxes arrive from Archita’s home for both Archita and Sabyasachi on the movie sets during lunch time.


While Sabyasachi has been divorced eight months ago, in an interview to The Telegraph in 2013, Archita quashed all rumours of being romantically linked with her co-stars and stated that she was single. However, if grapevines are to be believed, the truth is something else, even though the duo has never confirmed their affair.

Rumour mills are running overtime in trying to keep up with details. But from the exclusive pairings in movies to the tale of tiffin boxes, it can be safely assumed that something is definitely cooking between Archita and Sabyasachi.

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