Assam lawyer couple sends constitution-themed wedding invitation cards to guests. Here’s sneak peak

Bhubaneswar/ Guwahati: Wedding seasons bring out the creative and glamorous sides of people and that is reflected on pretty much everything, from wedding invites to outfits, venue, decor and revelries.

While it’s raining glamorous wedding-themed photographs on social media platforms, a photograph of a wedding invitation card recently intrigued quite a section of tweeps.

On November 23, a lawyer couple from Assam’s Guwahati,  Ajay Sarma and Pooja Sarma, turned the talk-in-the-tweep-town after a sneak peak of their constitution-themed wedding invitation cards for guests surfaced on Twitter.

It’s a simple-no-glam invitation card that started with ‘NOTICE of WEDDING RECEPTION OF…” The names of the bride and bridegroom were mentioned on two sides of scale of justice.

Here’s the peek:



The invitation card of the lawyer couple’s ‘beautiful court of life’ ended with a pun which read,  “When lawyers get married, they just don’t say ‘YES’ they say- ‘We accept the terms and Conditions.”

The peculiar invitation grabbed mixed reactions from tweeps. While some lauded they couple’s creativity on the card, some others commented that it was cringe worthy.

While one user wrote, “This reads more like a court summon?” another’s comment read, “Cringe max pro”.

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