Association for Democratic Reforms report: 3 newly elected BJD MPs are crorepatis

Bhubaneswar: Out of the four newly-elected members of Rajya Sabha from Odisha, three are having assets over Rs 1 crore, revealed the data provided the National Election Watch (NEW) and the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) today. A total of 57 Rajya Sabha MPs were reelected recently.

The NEW and the ADR prepared the report on basis of an analysis of the self-sworn affidavits of the newly elected members to the Upper House this year.

BJD MP Manas Ranjan Mangaraj has movable assets of Rs 3,28,06,881 and immovable assets Rs 4,97,50,000. His total assets are over Rs 8 crore.

Another BJD MP Sasmit Patra has movable assets Rs 1,35,38,850 and immovable assets Rs 1,33,87,920 making his total assets Rs 2 crore plus. Patra, who was reelected, has a decline in average assets to Rs 2,69,26,770 this year from Rs 4,18,28,652, a 35.63% decline.

BJD woman MP Sulata Deo has movable assets Rs 1,30,08,463 and immovable assets Rs 38,50,000. Her total assets are Rs 1 crore plus.

Out of the 57 newly elected MPs, 53 are crorepatis.

Out of the three BJD Rajya Sabha MPs from Odisha, one is graduate, one post graduate and one doctorate.

One MP is in the range of 36-45 years and two in the range of 46-55 years.

The ADR report has included the assets of three MPs of the four newly elected members of the Upper House for its analysis. It has not mentioned about the assets of another BJD MP Niranjan Bishi.

The report has also stated no one from the newly elected MPs from Odisha has criminal cases pending against them.

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