Australian woman charged for murdering eight kids

Canberra, Dec 21:

A woman in Australia’s Cairns city was charged Sunday with murdering eight children, seven of them her own, who were found killed in their house.


The 37-year-old Mersane Warria was initially shifted to hospital after being found injured at the house with chest and neck wounds, Cairns Post reported. She was arrested Saturday.

Police visited the Cairns Hospital where Warria is recovering from her wounds, and charged her with murders during a bedside hearing.

Police prosecutor Jim Montague confirmed she had been charged with eight counts of murder. “I can’t give you any more information at this time.”

Eight children as young as 18 months to 15 years were found stabbed to death at their house. Warria was aunt to the eldest girl and mother to the seven other children, born from five different fathers.

The case will be mentioned in Cairns Magistrates Court Monday. (IANS)

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