Ayushmann Khurrana speaks out about Asthma

New Delhi:  The third chapter of the #BerokZindagi campaign ‘Asthma ke liye inhalers hain sahi’ (Use inhalers for Asthma) was launched with Ayushmann Khurana as the face of the campaign. The campaign focuses on the social stigma around asthma and tries to educate patients about inhalers and their benefits in asthma management.

It speaks of how inhalers help asthmatics live an unstoppable life, especially given the current situation across the world. India has an alarming 37.9 million cases of asthma! Ayushmann Khurana during an interview spoke about the social stigma associated with asthma and inhalers.

The pandemic has put the spotlight back on health and a healthy lifestyle, do you agree?

Ayushmann: The pandemic has led to an unprecedented trial of public health, loss of life and work challenges at a worldwide level. A lot of attention is being given to health with a special focus towards lung health. Personally, the whole situation was an eye-opener and made me realise the value of access to quality health care. In these, critical times it becomes more important to consult a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Regular visits to the doctor for an annual check-up have become a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Asthma is a problem that cuts across ages, from a teenager to an old person can suffer from it. Why is awareness the key?

Ayushmann: Awareness can liberate us and help break stereotypes. An awareness campaign can help kickstart conversations to address the stigma and misconceptions associated with asthma and inhalers. The right awareness also educates the masses about living with asthma and the appropriate treatments. The very ethos of a campaign like #BerokZindagi is about breaking stereotypes around asthma and the use of inhalers in public.

Tell us about your association with the campaign and why asthma is something we need to focus on.

Ayushmann: As I mentioned earlier, health has never been so important, and it is equally significant that we address it in the right way. I am very glad that I could be a part of the initiative with Cipla and this association is my attempt to raise awareness on Asthma and normalise the use of Inhalers in public. With the high prevalence of respiratory illnesses in India, this campaign is now the need of the hour and I firmly believe in the cause. With timely diagnosis and the right treatment, one can manage asthma and live a regular life. ‘Berok Zindagi’ is all about ensuring the right treatment and leading a limitless life. Together, we all can help remove this stigma, and support asthmatics to live a better life.

There are ways to deal with asthma but many are not even aware of their condition, they have no access to the tools that can make their life easier… how do you hope to make an impact?

Ayushmann: A mass awareness campaign can help educate patients about this condition and encourage them to adopt the correct treatment and lead a better/healthier life. I am not an asthmatic, but it is through these awareness campaigns that I got to know that asthma is a manageable condition. I, like many had little or no clue about the condition. The campaign is an earnest initiative to create awareness on asthma, encouraging patients to adopt the right treatment and normalize the use of ‘Inhalers’ in public. It is divided into three levels – early diagnosis, right treatment and adherence towards the right treatment.


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