Bangalore girl back in Odisha after ‘husband’ ditches her again

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 5:

The Bangalore Girl Sheetal Sharma is back in Odisha again: this time to collect evidence to support her marriage to the Odisha boy, who ditched her once again by moving to family court there, citing a forced marriage.

Sheetal Sharma
Sheetal Sharma

In the much hyped case, (see ,  the couple were in a live-in relationship, but the boy wanted to opt out of the relationship to marry another girl chosen by his family in Odisha. The girl came here, tracked him down and maaried him at a temple in Pipli with the help of a local NGO, the media and administration. To give her marriage legal status, she also got her marriage registered at the Pipli notary office.

The boy, however, filed a petition against Sheetal in a family court in Bangalore accusing her of pressuring him through politicians, influential people, media, NGOs to forcefully marry him.

The complaint by the boy went on to state that they had known each other since 2013 and he had declined to marry Sheetel when she proposed to him in 2014.  Later, he married a girl named Suchismita Mohanty on December 7 in the Radhamadhab temple inside Jagannath temple of Puri. However, Sheetal forcefully married him again with the help of the above mentioned people. His lawyer also pointed it out to the court that the marriage is not valid in the given circumstances.

The girl, however, is back in the state and is collecting evidence to prove the court that the boy never married Suchismita.

“I didn’t pressurize him to marry me. I married him after Amit (her boyfriend) and his family members agreed to the marriage. However, he wants to cheat me again. I won’t let him get away this time. I can only breathe in peace after he gets arrested,” said Sheetal.

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