Basic dressing tips to look elegant and classy

Bhubaneswar: Picking the right pair of clothes for any special occasion is a challenging task, especially when you are spoilt for choice. As dressing reveals a lot about our personalities, we need to ensure that our style should be elegant, not gauche.

Here are some dressing tips that would present you both stylish and elegant:

  • Pick good quality fabric: Cotton, linen, and flannel are soft, light and comfortable to wear. These give a crisp and classy look.
  • High waist pants: Girls, who want to look taller, should opt for high-waist pants. It creates an illusion and makes one look taller.

    High waist pants
  • Color palette: A color palette helps you to decide what color of top to pair with what color of bottoms. The cool color goes with cool and warm go with warm.

    Color Palette
  • Fits: Outfits must have form-fitting, i.e., not too tight, not too loose.  Skirts and dresses should be just below or above the knee.  Classic trousers must be straight and slightly wide. Blazers, blouses, and sweaters should fall to the waist.
  • Avoid over-exposing: Tops or shorts with collared, boat, crew or V- necklines must be opted for.  Make sure whatever you wear, the cleavage and belly-button remain covered and also ensure that the armholes of your dress don’t reveal your inner garments.
  • Iron your clothes: Always use steamer or iron to get rid of lines and curves from the cloth.
  • Avoid dresses with big logos or graphic designs:  They draw a lot of attention and give a fussy look.  A solid color dress makes one look more elegant.
  • Avoid see-through materials: See-through materials count for inappropriate dressing.

    See-through Tops
  • Wear neutral color: They are versatile to pair with.
  • Minimal accessories: Don’t put on a cheeky necklace, a huge ear-ring, and bracelet altogether at a time. Pair a locket with a ring, an earring with a bracelet or wrist-watch.  That would give a clean and elegant look.
  • BBS- Bag Belt Shoes:  Pair the same colors of bag, belt, and pair of shoes. That highlights your attire.
  • Clutch that complements: Satchels and bucket bags do fine for work place. For a casual trip, hobo bag adds funk to your attire. Wristlets and small clutches suit for a party or festive look.
    Satchel bag
    Hobo bag
    Wristlet bags

    Small Clutches

And finally… Dressing for the occasion: Don’t go to an official board meeting in a pair of ripped jeans, or to a party in tuxedos.

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