BDA lodges complaint over illegal possession of 68 acre Govt land in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) lodged a complaint with the Economics Offences Wing (EOW) of Odisha Crime Branch against land brokers for allegedly trespassing approximately 68 acre of government land in Bhubaneswar.

The BDA sought initiation of case against three persons — Manas Nayak, Banshidhar Naik and Charan Nayak — as well as 10 others under relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code (IPC) for illegal possession of government land in Shampur Mouza on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar city.

As per the FIR lodged by the BDA’s Additional Land Officer Debraj Sethi, Manas Nayak had executed 8 agreements consisting of Plot No.224/97 of holding No.164 with different third parties and delivered the possession illegally over the Plot No. 227 of Khata No. 245 of Shampur Mouza which has been transferred to the BDA by GA & PG Department of Odisha Government.

Similarly, Banshidhar Naik executed an agreement with a person belonging to Nayagarh district relating the Plot No. 224/68 of Shampur Mouza. Simultaneously, Charan Nayak also executed a deed relating to the Plot No. 224/22 of Khata No. 164 of Shampur village. Both of them delivered the possession illegally over the Plot No. 277 of Khata No. 245 of Shampur Mouza which has been transferred to the BDA by GA & PG Department.

The BDA accused the three persons of making conspiracy with others to grab the government land and getting financial benefit out of it.

“So a criminal case may be initiated U/s 420 of IPC against persons namely Manas Nayak, S/o Late Batsa Nayak, Village/ Post- Bankual, P.S-Bagada, Dist-Khordha, Bhubaneswar, Charan Nayak, S/o Bhaskar Nayak, Village-Shampur, PO/P.S.-Bharatpur and Banshidhar Naik, S/o- Late Basu Naik, Village Shampur, Post-Ghatikia, P.S-Bharatpur, Bhubaneswar,” the BDA stated in the complaint.

Further, the BDA sought action against 10 more persons — Pabitra Nahak, S/o Bhagabat Nahak, Village- Ranganipatna, Jamusahi, Dist-Nayagarh; Jayanti Mallik, W/o-Bahadur Mallick, Village Baniamari, Kankia, Dist-Ganjam; Ritu Nayak, w/o-Somanath Nayak, Village-Todibari, Po-Bhaliadihi, PS-Sarankul, Dist-Nayagarh; Alekha Nayak, S/oLate Daitari Nayak, Village-Karada Palla, PO-Jasodapur, Karadapalli, Gopalpur, Dist-Nayagarh; Susanta Ku Nahak, 5/o Basanta Nahak, Village-Kendudhipi, Anandapalll, Dist-Nayagarh; Santilata Behera, D/o Hari Behera, Village/ PO- Mangalajodi, Dist Khordha; Rebati Senapati, W/oBipin Bihari Mahala, Village Todibari, Po-Bhaliadihi, PS-Sarankul, Dist-Nayagarh; Budhi Nahak, S/o Late Gurubari Nahak, Village-Jakeda, PO-Godipada, PS-Sarankul; Dist Nayagarh; Ranjan Kumar Naik, S/o-Sudei Naik, Village Bitalgadia, Magarbandha, Binayakpur, Sarankul, Dist-Nayagarh; and Damayanti Nayak, W/o-Surendra Nayak, D/o Arjun Barad, Village-Bandhadwar, PO-Baladia Nuagao, PS-Fategada, Dist-Nayagarh for criminal conspiracy with above three persons to grab the Government land (Government property) illegally.

Speaking over the matter, Kabindra Kumar Sahoo, BDA Secretary-cum-Estate member, said, “The BDA had availed 68.445-acre land from the GA Department in Shampur Mouza for an affordable housing project. As there was no road connectivity to the Mouza, we could not be able to take over the project. Therefore, the BDA had planned for land aquisition for road connecting to the Mouza. Meanwhile, the land record of Shampur Mouza is yet to be finalised due to various cases pending in courts. As the ROR was not published, we failed to acquire land for road to the Mouza. Taking advantage of the situation, some brokers made 10 sale deeds and sold the government land by making affidavits from Notary to a few economically backward people from Ganjam and Nayagarh districts. Upon being served a notice to them, they alleged that Manas Nayak, Charan Nayak and Banshidhar Naik made agreement and allowed them for taking possession of the land.”

The occupants started making boundary and foundation for houses on the illegally possessed land. In this regard, we lodged a case with the Economic Offences Wing against them. We will intensify the investigation into the matter. If anyone duped by brokers will show the sale deeds within 2-3 days and cooperate the BDA against trespassing of government land, we will take action against those brokers, he told media.

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