Beijing has more single women

Beijing, Feb 24:

The number of single women over the age of 30 is on the rise in Beijing.

Representative Pic. Courtesy:
Representative Pic. Courtesy:

A survey of 1 percent of the population in 2015 by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics found that 45 percent of the sample’s singletons between the ages of 30 and 44 were women, up from 40 percent five years ago, reports Xinhua news agency.

About 92.5 percent of these unmarried women lived in urban areas. About 81.1 percent of them held college degrees or higher qualifications.

On the other hand, most of the unmarried men lived in rural areas and more than half of them had only junior high school education.

Although single women in cities were often well-educated and financially independent, Chinese men tend to marry younger, less educated women than themselves.(IANS)

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