Bengaluru’s S. Satish buys Caucasian Shepherd dog for Rs 20 crore

Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s celebrity dog breeder and Dog Breeders’ Association President S. Satish has brought a Caucasian Shepherd for a whopping Rs 20 crore.

The story of a high-profile sale of the 1.5 year old dog has turned out to be sensational news. The dog was purchased from a seller in Hyderabad and it’s been named as “Cadabom Hayder”.

The proud owner Satish is planning to introduce ‘Cadabom Hayder’ to dog lovers in Bengaluru at a mega event to be held in February.

Among his other canine possessions, Satish also owns Korean Dosa Mastiffs bought for Rs 1 crore, a Tibetan Mastiff bought for Rs 10 crore and Alaskan Malamute for Rs 8 crore.

The Caucasian shepherd can reach an average height of about 30 inches and weigh between 55 to 77 kg. They live from 10 to 20 years.


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