Berhampur’s Presidency College hosts RAETBM-2022

Bhubaneswar: Institute of Research and Journals (IRAJ) organized an international conference on ‘Recent Advancement in Engineering, Technology and Business Management’ (RAETBM-2022) on May 7 in the state Capital. The conference was co-organized by Berhampur’s Presidency College.

Addressing the conference, the chief guest and speaker Dr. Satya Ranjan Pattnaik, associate professor of  Gandhi Institute for Technology (GIFT) Bhubaneswar, highlighted recent innovation in field of engineering and technology. Stressing on AI and robotics research, he encouraged young researchers and students present at the conference.

Diptimayee Dash, management coordinator of Presidency College gave the welcome speech where she highlighted recent achievements of  the college and its students. She also talked about the rich history of the college and how it is touching new high every year under Srinivas Mahapatra, chairman of Presidency college.

Moreover, special guest and keynote speaker Manas Ranajan Tripathy from TCS talked about careers in the upcoming IT technology and how researchers and students acquire the updated skills to have successful careers in the IT and software sector. He also discussed various advanced techniques that are now being used in IT and management.

This was followed by vote of thanks by Rajeswar Jena, Dean of Presidency College. He thanked all the guests and speakers along with the co-organizer Institute of Research Journal for providing a platform to the students and researchers.

Later, A Dash, Global Research consultant, managing editor and an Award winner researcher and management professional, announced the Excellent paper winners during the valedictory function. He narrated about upcoming careers in the field of research and development in several countries including India and motivated the young students regarding the excellence in the studies and focusing on learning.

The program was hosted by Issac Behera. The event was coordinated by convenors of RAETBM-2022 -Sumita, Jyotiranjan, Deepika Das.

Over 60 participants from countries like Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Germany and India were present at the conference that helped students and young researchers to present their research papers and publish them with a platform like IRAJ.

Sumita, one of the convenor at the conference said that the extenuation papers from the conference will be published in the International Peer reviewed Scopus, Web of Science and UGC Care listed journals.



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