Best sites and apps to buy your things in India

The global pandemic has made sure that online shopping is surely a thing of today. Purely for safety reasons, people have started using online apps and websites to order even the basic items through delivery service. Be it clothes, make-up, safety items, shoes, luxury items, electronics and even groceries are now available online. With the world accepting digitalism, it has been quite the need for the year. Not just for comfort but even from a safety point of view, it is more recommended to use online shopping. 

To say the least, online shopping is not a new thing. It has been around for quite a time. Customers are more inclined to online shopping compared to the store-shopping experience. Many apps have upgraded themselves and added multiple other shopping items and categories in their original formation. Most of these apps are literally one stop shops while other apps are being specific to their items. 

In the list, we have all the online shopping apps you should surely consider:  

  • Amazon:

When mentioned online shopping, nothing can beat Amazon. Amazon is truly a one-stop shop. Amazon sells everything, from technology to books, clothes and shoes and even groceries. Amazon has a sub-unit for groceries named ‘Amazon Pantry’. Amazon even avails ‘prime’ subscription for faster and free delivery on most of the products. Amazon is the most common app used by most people for online shopping, it is also among the most trusted online shopping app. The app is more recommended for electronics, books and groceries. Amazon has both, an app and a website to use. 

  • Flipkart:

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart is also a one stop shop. Flipkart has been quite a favoured app by many customers. Flipkart sometimes offers better deals than other online apps, and is highly recommended for clothes, stationary items and accessories. It provides fast delivery and easy returns. Flipkart has many other categories of products available. Flipkart has an app and a website too. Although it is highly recommended to look at the reviews of the products before purchasing. 

  • Snapdeal:

Similar to the concept of ‘everything under one roof’ is Snapdeal. Though the app does not offer groceries, it has variety of items including clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The app is highly recommended for wardrobe shopping and even furniture. Snapdeal has maintained a very good reputation all along among its customers. You can shop on Snapdeal via their website or their mobile app. 

  • Jio Mart:

Quite a recently launched grocery shopping app. Jio mart is in our list for its availability. Jio mart is in association to Reliance. Items from Reliance Mart, Reliance Fresh and Reliance Digital are available on Jio Mart. One of the key benefits from shopping from Jio mart is all the items are surely authentic. All the products are official and chances of a bad product are close to none. For now, Jio Mart is available only through a mobile application. The app even provides daily groceries like milk, vegetables, bread and so. Mostly the orders are delivered in a day or two. 

  • OLX:

The best online option to buy second-hand or already used items would be OLX. Not everyone prefers to buy new items when buying expensive items like electronics, vehicles or furniture. OLX is a platform that allows you to sell and purchase used items a good price. You can see the product, contact the seller and even negotiate the price. Used but well-maintained items like furniture, electronics and even used educational books which are expensive first hand can easily be brought through this app. Olx also allows you to rent/purchase property online. OlX is easy to use and a very trusted app. 

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