Beware of WhatsApp phishing! Odisha govt issues advisory; Read details

Bhubaneswar: The Electronics and Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha has issued an advisory cautioning citizens regarding WhatsApp phishing.

Hackers target victims via WhatsApp voice call or suspicious link on social media, SMS, WhatsApp. By adopting proper precautionary measures, hackers can be kept at bay without uninstalling the app, the department said.

How is it done?

* Hacker targets victim with WhatsApp voice call or a suspicious link on social media, SMS, WhatsApp etc.

* Once call is received or link is clicked, device’s WhatsApp gets temporarily defaced.

* Messages can then be sent from the defaced WhatsApp to others, often asking for money or favors.

* Then a message is sent to contacts of the defaced WhatsApp claiming the victim has a new contact number. A phishing call is then placed from the alleged new number.

How to protect yourself?

* Do not panic or uninstall WhatsApp.

* Block the suspicious number from which the request is coming.

* Do not click on suspicious links even from known people.

* Do not respond to such suspicious messages asking for money or agree to such requests.

* Do not receive WhatsApp voice calls from unknown numbers. If you are aware that you have been hacked, broadcast a warning message to your contacts not to respond to such requests sent from your WhatsApp account.

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