Big B composes poem on coronavirus

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has posted a video to share his views on coronavirus, with a dash of poetry.

The video starts with Big B addressing the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. He then recites a poem he penned. The gist of the poem pertains to the precautionary measures that people should take in the wake of the outbreak.

In the video, Big B is seen giving basic advice on prevention, including washing hands and staying safe.

“Concerned about the COVID-19. Just doodled some lines in verse. Please stay safe,” wrote the actor.


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“बहुतेरे इलाज बतावें ,जन जनमानस सब , केकर सुनैं, केकर नाहीं, कौन बताए इ सब ; केयु कहिस कलौंजी पीसौ, केयु आँवला रस केयु कहस घर म बैठो, हिलो न ठस से मस ईर कहेन औ बीर कहेन, की ऐसा कुछ भी Carona , बिन साबुन से हाथ धोई के ,केहू के भैया छुओ न ; हम कहा चलो हमौ कर देत हैं , जैसन बोलैं सब आवय देयो , Carona-फिरोना , ठेंगुआ दिखाऊब तब !” ~ अब

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