Big hike in milk price in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Oct 25 :

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam Saturday announced the government’s decision to raise the prices of toned milk by Rs.10 a litre.

Terming the government’s decision as not seen in the state’s history, the opposition parties condemned the price hike.

MILKIn a statement issued here, Panneerselvam said in order to meet the increased expenses – milk procurement, among others – the state government has felt the need to raise the prices of milk for monthly card holders.

He said the prices of toned milk will be increased by Rs.10 per litre to Rs.34 per litre.

However, the statement does not mention about the date from which it will be effective.

Panneerselvam also announced the hike in procurement prices of cow’s milk by Rs.5 per litre to Rs.28 per litre and buffalo milk by Rs.4 per litre to Rs.35 per litre.

He said the revised rates will be paid to the milkmen from Nov 1 onwards.

Strongly condemning the move, DMK president M. Karunanidhi in a statement said no other government in the state had hiked the milk prices by Rs.10 a litre in one go.

Karunanidhi said without calling the milk producers for talks the government has unilaterally increased the procurement prices of cow’s milk which has jacked up the sale price by Rs.10 a litre.

BJP leader Tamilisai Soundarrajan said the small hike in the milk procurement prices and the steep hike in the sale prices will benefit only the private dairies.

PMK leader S.Ramadoss condemning the price hike said the government has only fulfilled partially the demand of the milk producers.

He also said the government has announced price hike only in respect of toned milk and is silent on other milk varieties (full cream, standardised and others). This leads to the doubt that the price hike for other milk varieties would be much steeper.

Ramadoss said the AIADMK government had hiked the milk prices in 2011 ranging between Rs.5.50 to Rs.9.50 a litre.

Taking into the current hike of Rs.10/litre, the milk prices has been jacked up by Rs.19.50 a litre at the maximum, which, he said, is inhuman.

Ramadoss wondered whether the price hike decision was taken so that the people can think that former chief minister J.Jayalalithaa’s rule is better.


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