Biometric attendance system to be mandatory for security guards in AIIMS

New Delhi, June 1

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to implement mandatory biometric system to register the attendance of private security guards at the premier hospital, said an official on Thursday.

The decision was taken following the absence of several security guards from duty and many found in inebriated condition on several occasions while on duty.

“We have already issued the order and the biometric attendance system for the security guards will be started soon. There is a need for transparency and accountability of the guards while on duty,” a senior official, unwilling to be quoted, told IANS.

AIIMS currently has over 1,400 private security guards deployed at the hospital.

The hospital pays Rs 2.5 crore every year to Security and Intelligence Services (SIS) and Bombay Intelligence Security (BIS) — both private security providers– to ensure security on the AIIMS campus.

AIIMS is a 2,400-bed hospital that records over 10,000 new patients every day. (IANS)

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