BJP leader Pratap Sarangi stirs row with ‘change Indian history’ comment

Bhubaneswar: Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi has stirred up a hornet’s nest by saying that the Indian History is ‘misleading’ and should be rewritten. Speaking on the sidelines of a function here on Wednesday, Sarangi said the history of the country was recorded by some persons influenced by the foreigners.

“The history has been written wrongly to end patriotism and heroism of Indians. The sooner it is rectified, it would be better for Indians,” he added.

Taking jibe at the historians, Sarangi said efforts have been made to create differences between religions and people different regions.

“The Indian history in its present form creates differences between Hindu and Sikh; North India and South India. On basis of languages, differences have been made. The Indian languages are based on Sanskrit which is the common link,” he further said.

“The Indian History says the Indians entered the country through Caspian lake in ancient days. This theory is a baseless thing and has made lots of damage to the people of this country,” he claimed.

This apart, the portion of the history, which says tribals are aborigines and others are foreigners, is a blatant lie. “Mixed race happened from Vedic period. Mother of Veda Vyasa was from fishermen community and his father was Parasara, a Brahmin. The Vedic literature also signifies that on sacred scriptures everyone has equal rights and this shows the brilliancy of the Indian culture,” the Union Minister added.

In his reaction, BJD leader Debi Prasad Mishra said, “Many things related to Odisha have been omitted in the Indian history. The sea voyage of Odias and other rich past of the community will be put together and brought to the public notice,” adding that he is not sure why Sarangi made the ‘wrong history’ statement.

Criticising the Union Minister, senior Congress MLA Sura Routray said, “I do not agree with Sarangi’s remarks. The country and the State have rich history and no one can deny this. The Union Minister’s statement is a political ploy only.”

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