Bloody clash between servitors inside Jagannath Temple in Puri

Puri: The Jagannath Temple in Puri witnessed a bloodshed after face-off between two servitors turned violent in the morning today.

A Jatri Sahayak (servitor engaged to assist the devotees inside Srimandir) sustained head injuries in an alleged attack by a Suara Nijog servitor.

According to preliminary information, two servitors — Suara servitor Ramakrushna Khuntia and Jatri Sahayak Damodar Gochhikar — indulged into a heated argument over an unknown reason while the former was entering into Srimandir through Uttar Dwar (north gate) with Kudua (earthen pots).

The scuffle between the two turned out to be violent as Ramakrushna Khuntia allegedly hit Damodar’s head with an earthen pot injuring him severely.

Following the incident, the accused servitor was detained by the Singhadwar Police for interrogation.

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